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Photo of Central Park, Tulsa, OklahomaTulsa Area
Tulsa City Council – Functions as the City’s legislative body by passing laws, reviews and approves the annual budget, and more.
Tulsa County – Official website for Tulsa County.
Tulsa County Assessor – Responsible for assessing ad valorem property taxes.
Tulsa County Clerk – Serves the public as official keeper of various county records.
Tulsa County Parks – Info about the various facilities offered at Tulsa Country Parks.
Tulsa Health Department – Aims to prevent the spread of disease and promotes good health practices.
Tulsa River Parks Authority – A public trust established in 1974 to develop and maintain public park areas along the Arkansas River in Tulsa County.
Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) – A voluntary association of local and tribal governments in the Tulsa metropolitan area.

Oklahoma State Department of Health – The state department responsible for protecting the health of Oklahomans and providing other essential human services.
Medical Facilities Division of the Oklahoma State Department of Health – The department of the Oklahoma State Department of Health which licenses and certifies healthcare facilities in accordance with State and Federal laws. Responsibilities include inspection, licensure and Medicare certification of all non-long term care medical facilities in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma State Fire Marshal – The State Fire Marshal promotes safety and awareness and strives to reduce the loss of lives and property to the citizens and businesses of Oklahoma through public education, investigations, inspections, building plan reviews, code assistance/enforcement and statistical data collection.

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